Heritage Valley

Billing Policies

Heritage Valley will directly bill your insurance company if you have medical benefits through any type of individual, group, employer-based, or government-funded plan.  We will also submit bills on your behalf to auto or workers’ compensation companies or other medical benefit programs if we are made aware of their financial responsibility. 

The bills generated by Heritage Valley will only include services rendered by Heritage Valley providers.  This includes, Heritage Valley Beaver & Sewickley Hospitals, Medical Neighborhoods, Heritage Valley Medical Group, Heritage Valley Pediatrics, Tri-State OB/GYN.  Other providers bill separately by those who perform the services. 

Once your insurance company has reviewed and processed your claim, the hospital is notified.  Your insurance coverage dictates how much your insurance company pays and what portion of the bill is your financial responsibility.  Most insurance companies also send this notification to the patient or the subscriber and typically refer to this notice as an EOB (Explanation of Benefits).  It is imperative that patients/ subscribers understand their own insurance coverage and any policy limitations they have agreed to by enrolling with that particular plan.

Upon receipt of this notice and / or payment from the insurance carrier, the Heritage Valley billing staff will adjust your balance to the amount you owe(per your insurance company) and will send you a statement requesting payment.  Payment to Heritage Valley is due within 30 days of the date of your billing statement.